Minimum Coverage Health Insurance Plan

The amounts (co-pays) listed in the chart below are what you are responsible to pay when using in-network Doctors and Hospitals.
Key benefits Minimum Coverage (Must be under age 30 to purchase)
Benefits in Orange are Subject to the Annual deductible amounts listed below.
You will pay the full cost for these services until the Deductible is met. Then you will pay the specified amount that is shown until Annual Maximum Out-of-Pocket is met. The deductible counts toward the Maximum Out-Of-Pocket.
Copays in Black are NOT Subject to any Deductible and count towards the Annual Maximum Out-Of-Pocket.
The Annual Out-Of-Pocket Maximum and Deductible amounts are always based on the Individual amount listed even under a family plan. Two or more people in the family have to reach the family amounts listed below in order for them to apply to the entire family.
Individual Deductible $8,550 integrated medical and pharmacy deductible
Family Deductible $17,100 integrated medical and pharmacy deductible
Preventative Care no cost1
Primary Care Visit Copay $02
Urgent Care Visit Copay $02
Specialty Care Visit Copay 0%
Lab Testing Copay 0%
X-Ray Copay 0%
Imaging Copay 0%
Outpatient services 0%
Emergency Room Copay 0%
Emergency Room Transportation Copay 0%
High cost and inpatient services (e.g. Hospital stay) 0%
Inpatient Hospital Physician services 0%
Tier 1 - Most Generic Drugs 0%
Tier 2 - Preferred Brand Drugs 0%
Tier 3 - Non-Preferred Brand Drugs 0%
Tier 4 - Specialty Drugs 0%
Maximum Out-Of-Pocket For One $8,550
Maximum Out-Of-Pocket For Family $17,100
1 in-network only
2 Copay is limited to the first three non-preventive visits. That includes any combination of Primary Care, Specialist, Mental Health or Urgent Care visits. After three visits, future visits will be at full cost until the deductible is met and then the copay shown will apply again.
3 See the plan's Summary of Benefits to determine if Copay or Coinsurance is due.
Key benefits Minimum Coverage (Must be under age 30 to purchase)